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Musical Adventure II  Tan Kah Yong Whistle and Orchestra: Dawn at Miaoling Re-arranged by Sim Boon Yew Flute and Orchestra: Primitive Hunting Scene Qian Zhao Xi Dizi Duo Concerto: Grasshopper Fooling with Rooster  Chen Chung-shen Suona Duo and Orchestra: Hundreds of Birds Adoring A Phoenix Re-arranged by Simon Kong Su Leong Guanzi and Orchestra: Summer Palace Composed by Kong Hong Wei, Orchestration by Law Wai Lun Dizi Concerto: Miyazaki’s Animation Medley Composed by Joe Hisaishi, Arranged by Wu Hsi-Feng Guan Section and Orchestra: The Sounds of Bamboo Forest Phang Kok Jun Guan Section and Orchestra: Voices Within the Wind Lin Yi   Hello everyone! Has it been fun exploring the world with me, Adventurer Quek Quek every year? This year, I will be bringing you to the bamboo grove to listen to different sounds, be it the chirping of morning birds, animals, grasshoppers fooling with the rooster, or even hundreds of birds adoring a phoenix! Did you realise that these sounds were actually produced by music instruments? If you are still taking wild guesses, please join us on the DiSCOvering Treasures of Chinese Music – Winds in the Bamboo Grove expedition team led by me! See you then!  Concert will be presented in English and is suitable for children 5 years and above.

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