SCO Concert Hall  
SCO Concert Hall

The original auditorium has been transformed into a concert hall of international visual and aural standards. With its plush custom-designed carpets and new luxurious high-back seats that allow for generous legroom, the concert hall looks set to provide its 831 audiences with the highest comfort level. The theatre-style seating in the two galleries on both sides of the concert hall create an opulent sense of occasion while the absence of structural columns in the concert hall allows for a full view of the stage. The roof and ceilings have been fitted with a modern sound proofing system to enable the audience to enjoy the event to the fullest aurally.

Venue Specifications:
Floor Area: 1,723 square meters (18,547 square feet)
Seating Capacity: 795 seats + 36 gallery seats
Uses: Musical performances, Conferences, Seminars, Graduation ceremonies and Others.
*All charges are subject to change without prior notice.
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